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Remodeler: Simple Renovation Ideas but Has Big Impact

Small-but-Mighty Renovations

Remodeling your house when you want to make significant improvements may be expensive and time-consuming. It’s best to go slowly and begin with making small changes to your house. Do you not have enough money saved up for a big remodel? Choose one of these small and affordable home makeover projects that are highly suggested by remodelers to give your home a mini but powerful renovation.

A Standard Ceiling Upgrade

Most people don’t usually look up at their ceilings unless they have unique or interesting features. Giving some love and care to a fancy ceiling can make a big improvement to a room. Consider utilizing tin or stained wood beams if you want your home to seem warm and rustic. Install them in a way that goes the same direction if your room is small, as it will make it look bigger. Or, in a classic or modern room, consider using geometric patterns like evenly spaced and sized boxes.

Renovate a Space Outside With a Screen

Although it’s nice to have open outdoor spaces, a screened-in porch can make them even more practical and enjoyable. Screens are used to keep bugs and animals out and offer a little bit of privacy. Also, a few new screens can lead to changes in other details and finishes – such as adding soft shades to block views and sunlight, installing a light fixture and ceiling fan to increase the amount of time the space can be used, and refinishing the floor surface to make it more durable against footsteps.

Link Two Rooms Together

If you can’t remove a wall, you can still connect rooms like kitchens and dining rooms by using windows or openings between them. You need to get a structural engineer to inspect your support beams to figure out what type of structure you should keep or deal with. Consider joining countertops on both sides for added convenience and flexibility. This kind of home improvement project will take some time, but it is worth it.

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